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About Us

FundForm’s Comprehensive Fund Formation Packages include the necessary certificates and agreements to form your fund, along with comprehensive step-by-step instructions explaining how to handle every step.

Benefits of Working with FundForm

  1. Save $10,000 to $20,000 over working with an attorney who would likely use these same or very similar fund formation templates
  2. Start up your fund faster by using our legal templates to get formed and operational
  3. Cut your private fund startup costs significantly by not over-spending on the legal formation of your investment fund

Our sister company runs both the 125,000 member Hedge Fund Group (HFG) association and the Private Equity Investment Group which has over 225,000 members globally.  We run industry leading websites in both industries at http://HedgeFundGroup.org and http://PrivateEquity.com.  Our experience runs from ongoing investment banking work for $20B+ private equity funds, to acting as CEO of a $300M single family offices.

We have authored the #1 most well read books in two industries – hedge funds and family offices.  Over the past five years we have seen that 50-70% of initial investment fund business startup expenses are due to legal fund formation fees. After a few years of thinking about how we could help fund managers start their funds for less money, we have decided to offer FundForm LLC.

What we have done is taken the exact same legal document templates that top big law and boutique firms offer, and we are now providing these for at least $15,000 less than the market rates.

Why We Are Unique: Quarterly, our legal experts review and updates each formation document provided here on FundForm.com. While we cannot provide customized documentation, but we can save you $15,000+ in getting your fund started. That is our mission; to cut out the fat in the industry, to put more pressure on those who are charging in excess of $20,000 to do this work to really provide you with a ton of value in exchange for that high dollar figure.

Types of Fund Formation Services:

If you have any questions please review our Common Questions page.

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